Rules & Points


ASA Ladder allows sports enthusiasts of all ages and abilities to meet and play matches with other similarly-skilled players.

How it works:

ASA Ladder uses the ITN rating system. Upon registration, players will be given a point capital according to their self-rating. Please click here for more information.

Players are ranked on ASA Ladder according to their number of points. Players’ rankings and ratings will adjust according to their match performances. Please click here for more information.

How to set up a match:

Step 1: Register on ASA Ladder. It’s free and only takes a few minutes.

Step 2: Challenge a player by clicking on his name.

Step 3: Propose a place and time for the challenge.

Step 4: An email will be automatically sent to the challenged player. A confirmation or cancellation email will be sent to you once the challenged player accepts or rejects the challenge. 

How to report the results:

The match winner is responsible for reporting match results by clicking on the pending challenge displayed on his/her profile. An email will be automatically sent to the defeated player. Once the score is confirmed, players’ ASA rankings, points and ratings will be automatically updated.

Match rules:

  • Players should agree on match format and conditions (surface, balls, etc.) prior to starting the challenge.
  • ASA ladder recommends playing the best of three sets, with tiebreakers in each set when at six games all.
  • If for some reason the match cannot be completed, the players can agree on another date and time to finish their match or decide to report the score as is.

ASA Ladder rules:

  • Players cannot challenge other players with more than two hundred points than them.
  • Players who play four matches or more in any given month will receive twenty bonus points. Bonus points will not allow players to increase their ASA rating. 
  • Players cannot increase their ASA rating without beating at least one player with higher ASA rating.
  • Players who win challenges against similarly rated players will earn extra points (please click here for more information) until they reach the maximum number of points within their rating category. After that, players will need to beat at least one higher rated player to earn more points.      
  • Players’ profiles can be set to busy or available. 
  • Players cannot be challenged or challenge other players when their profile is set on busy.
  • Players will disappear from ASA Ladder if they do not log into their account for twelve months. Players can reactivate their account by logging into their account.
  • Players who do not answer a challenge request within fifteen days will automatically forfeit the challenge and lose ten points. 
  • If within ten days a result is neither confirmed nor rejected by the defeated player, the result will be automatically confirmed and points updated accordingly.
  • In case of disagreement on the results, please contact the ASA Team.

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