ASA Ladder – Simplified registration & point system!

ASA Ladder – Simplified registration & point system!


Dear ASA Members,


Following your feedback, we are glad to announce that we have simplified the registration process. New members will now be able to select from three options:


1.        Beginner – ASA Rating 10.3

2.        Recreational – ASA Rating 10

3.        Advanced – ASA Rating 7



We have also simplified the point system to make it more transparent and easier to understand. For more information, visit our Rules & Points page (



We look forward to seeing you on court!


ASA team

ASA Ladder is a free competitive sports network. ASA Ladder allows members to play with friends and meet new players. Tennis players will find out their true tennis level within the community. ASA Ladder is present in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong in China and Singapore. Register now!

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